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Jon is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dating, fitness, wealth, and lifestyle design. I’ve known him for several years now, and he’s always been a pleasure to work with. In an industry filled with people who will say anything to get a sale, working with someone as straight-forward and honest as Jon is an absolute must.

Alexander Graves

Jon is nothing short of awesome. From his cutting edge financial advice to takes on fitness and dating, his content is nothing short of life-changing, presented to you with a smile. Jon's blogging course enabled me to set up my profitable business Herculean Strength and surpass my expectations - in a matter of months! I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Herculean Strength
I've been a client of Jon's for several years now, and he never ceases to amaze me with his clear, and laser-precise advice. Any problem I bring to him, we can start resolving within a single coaching session.
Alex Nowak, 28
Santa Ana, California
Working with Jon has been an absolute pleasure. With his guidance, I've been able to re-enter the dating market at the age of 43 (after a nasty divorce), and am currently dating several women in their mid 20's.
Nathan Stuart, 43
Dallas, Texas
I initially reached out to Jon, because I wanted to start a business while I was in college, and man am I ever lucky that I did. I just dropped out a month ago, and am making around $7k per month... I'm happier than ever!
Neil Henderson, 21
Sterling, Virginia

Important Notice:

Jon Anthony, my friend and the author of Masculine Development has unfortunately passed away. This is a backup of the website managed by me LifeMathMoney.

Jon was extremely bright, intelligent, friendly, and kind. One of those rare big hearted people who truly wanted to help others.

I intend to keep this website live as long as I can to preserve my friend’s legacy and memory.

Rest in Power my friend.

You will be missed.

P.S. If someone wants to get in touch, you can do so here.

Note: I only had admin access to Jon’s main site. Since I do not have control over his email accounts, I cannot fix things like the broken newsletter links, etc.

I’ve removed the links to Jon’s products  (at least the ones that I could find) so people don’t buy them and end up getting nothing delivered.