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5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog (From A Seasoned, Professional Blogger)


should i start a blog

Should you start a blog? Well, I’ve been blogging for the past 6 years, and want to give my input on this question. See, a lot of people come to me and ask me if it’s still worth it to start a blog in 2021.

They’ll say things like…

  • “Should I start a blog in 2021? Or is it too competitive?”
  • “Is blogging still worth it? Do you even make any money?”
  • “Isn’t there too much competition? There’s so many blogs out there!”

The truth is that while no business venture is easy (and make no mistake, blogging is a BUSINESS), with a little bit of work ethic, and the right guidance, you can make an incredible living from owning a simple blog.

So, with that in mind, here are the biggest reasons you should start a blog today.

My Experience Blogging

First off, before I explain why I think you should start a blog, I want to offer a little bit of credibility. After all, you probably don’t know who I am (unless you’ve been reading my blog for a while, like my core fans).

So, let me offer you a quick story. In 2015 I decided to drop out of college, buy my own apartment, and start a blog—it was do or die. If I didn’t make it as a blogger, I would have literally gone homeless, and died on the streets.

I was determined, though… and boy, did it pay off. Last year, this blog clocked in a whopping $220,000 (yes, almost a quarter million dollars). All from the comfort of my own home, working when I want and where I want.

Throughout this article I’ll offer proof of this (various screenshots, and whatnot), so keep your eyes peeled. Now, with that in mind, should you start a blog? In my opinion, the answer is an unequivocal: FUCK YES!

Why You Should Start A Blog

reasons to start a blog
This could be you

Why start a blog? Well, there’s a lot of different reasons to start one, but for me, the biggest reason was FREEDOM. I hated waking up on someone else’s schedule, working when they wanted me to, and taking their orders.

Now, I live the blogger’s lifestyle. I wake up whenever I want, I work whenever I want, and I write about whatever I want. I can’t be cancelled, fired, or controlled. Of course, there’s other reasons to start a blog, though.

Here’s The Top 5 Reasons to Start A Blog:

  1. Freedom – When you have a blog, you can work whenever you want, wherever you want. You want to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Maldives with your girlfriend, and work from a laptop there? As a blogger, you can do that. You want to wake up at 3pm, because you’re hungover from the night before? You can do that, too.
  2. Passive Income – One of the other biggest benefits of owning a blog is that you get passive income—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. People are online all the time, so even when you’re sleeping, people will stumble across your blog, buy one of your products, and you’ll literally make money while you sleep.
  3. Low Startup Cost – Most businesses will cost you at least $10,000 to start—and if you need to buy real estate, or a store front? It will be even more than that. With a blog, though? You can literally start one for less than $10/month, so the barrier to entry is extremely low.
  4. Write About What You Love – When you own a blog, you can talk about whatever you want. For me, I love talking about dating, fitness, and making money, so that’s what I talk about. The sky is the limit, though—when you own a blog, it’s like your own little private kingdom. You’re the king, and you can say, do, and act as you please.
  5. You Get Tons of Perks – Seriously. I have companies send me free stuff ALL THE TIME, because they know I have a massive audience, and they want me to review their stuff on my blog. I get free supplements, free clothes, free access to courses, and so much more.

With so many benefits to making money online with a blog, really the only question is why SHOULDN’T you start one? That being said, let me expand upon each of these different points, so you know exactly why to start a blog.

1. Freedom

Take a look at that image up there. That’s just ONE company that I promote (out of over a dozen), that has paid me $151,160.38 so far. Oh no, but tell me more about how blogging is dead in 2021, and not worth it anymore!

The fact of the matter is that blogging gives you freedom. Every single day, I wake up when I want—whether that’s at 8am or 8pm, I am a free man. Nobody owns me, and nobody controls me. I do whatever the hell I want.

Recently I dropped everything to go on a beach week vacation with some friends (if you follow me on Instagram you saw me post this). Not many people can afford to do that—to just drop everything and go somewhere for a week.

If you have a blog, though—you can. So, whenever people ask me why they should start a blog, I always ask them one simple question: “Do you like waking up at 7am every day, and doing whatever your boss tells you?”

2. Passive Income

Take a look up there—that’s another company I’ve been promoting recently, that’s paid me $135,664.47 so far. Most of this money I made in my sleep, and most of it is from articles I published over a year ago.

When you start a blog, you create a money-making machine that works for you. This is what the rich understand about money that the poor don’t. The poor work for money. Millionaires, however, LEVERAGE money to set up SYSTEMS that work for THEM!

Think about it. If you trade your time for money, even if you’re making $500/hour, the second you stop working, the money stops flowing in. Me, however? I can stop working for a whole year, and tens of thousands of people will read my blog and buy my products even when I’m not working.

Blogging truly is the best source of income. Not only is it extremely cheap to start one (which I will cover in the next point), but the upside potential is massive. I know blogs that make millions of dollars per year, no joke—and while I’m not there YET, I definitely will be soon.

3. Low Start Up Cost

Most businesses are going to cost a lot of money to start. Whether it’s a physical goods business, an app company, or whatever else, you’re going to need at LEAST a few thousand dollars to get started—probably more.

A blog, however? You can buy a domain name for less than $10, hosting for $5/month, and have it up-and-running in under 15 minutes. I go into more detail in my course Blog Money Blueprint, but here are the basics.

To start a blog, you really only need to pay for two things:

  1. Domain (The Name of Your Website)
  2. Hosting (This Makes Your Site “Live”)

That’s it. I recommend Site Ground for both, because they make the entire process as painless, easy, and fast as possible. I personally use Site Ground to host this website, and have been using them for years now.

With Site Ground, you can start a blog for literally just $5/month, which is almost nothing. You try blogging for a year, and it’s not for you? Okay, you’re short a few bucks. You try selling stuff on Amazon, though, and it doesn’t work out? You’re out thousands of dollars, if not more.

4. Write About What You Love

One of the things that really got me into blogging, was I realized it would allow me to write about whatever I want. I can write about fitness one day, dating the next, the money mindset another day, and whatever else I want.

When you own a blog, you set the pace. You decide which topics you want to blog about, and believe me, if you’re worried you can’t make money with certain categories, you’re absolutely wrong—you can.

As I talk about in my course Blog Money Blueprint, you can make money with literally ANY topic. Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll show you—let’s pick a random topic like Pokémon cards. Something completely random, that doesn’t seem like it’s very monetizable.

Okay, so here’s what we’d do:

  1. Buy A Relevant Domain Name (Like or something)
  2. Get Some Cheap Hosting & Use A Free Theme to Make The Site Live
  3. Target Easy Keywords Using SEO (Paid or Free Tools)
  4. Monetize w/ High Paying Affiliate Advertising Offers

For example, in about 2 minutes of research, I found a website called Poke Vault where you can get paid 10% per sale that you refer to them. So, let’s do some quick math here and I’ll explain how you can make money with this.

Say your blog gets 1,000 readers per day. After all, there’s a lot of people who trade Pokémon cards, right? Out of these 1,000 readers, maybe only 50 end up buying something from that site, which is a 5% conversion rate.

Now, let’s assume the average sale is $50 (which isn’t unreasonable), and at a 10% commission, that’s $5 per sale. So, assuming these metrics are even somewhat accurate, you’d be making $250/day blogging about fucking Pokémon.

Are you starting to see how EASY it is to monetize your passions, now? Again, I cover EXACTLY how to do this in my blogging course, but that was just an example to show you how easy this is once you start to understand the game.

5. You Get Tons of Perks

One of my favorite things about blogging is I can reach out to pretty much any supplement company, ask for some free samples or products, and 9 times out of 10 they’ll mail them right to my doorstep… for free.

Why? Because they aren’t stupid. They know that I have a blog that gets tens of thousands of views per month, so just one article I write about their products could end up making them thousands upon thousands of dollars.

In fact, I’ve sent over a million dollars worth of sales to a few companies out there over the years. So, when I ask them to send me a free $50 product or whatever, what do you think they’re going to do? They’re going to send it!

Hell, I’ve had companies send me supplements, workout clothes, pheromone soap, and all kinds of other stuff for free. This is just one of the many perks you get as a blogger—everyone wants a piece of the action, and you’re right in the center of it.

How to Start Your Blog Today

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a huge fan of blogging—in fact, it quite literally changed my life. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have your blog up and running, and your path to financial freedom being forged.

Not without the right guidance, though. It took me YEARS of struggle, strife, and failure to finally crack the blogging code… but once I did? Oh my God, my income exploded and everything became 10x easier.

I put all my knowledge about blogging into a course called “Blog Money Blueprint” which covers everything you need to know, from A-Z, about blogging. In fact, here’s what you’ll get with this course:

  • Full A-Z Guide – Unlike most courses out there, I decided to cover EVERYTHING from start to finish. Tons of courses will sell you only PART of the solution, so that you have to keep buying more. Not this course, though. I only have ONE course on blogging for a reason—this course is all you need.
  • 6 Bonus Modules – In addition to the fundamentals course, you’ll also get 6 bonus modules absolutely jam-packed with tips from a season blogger (myself). The tips within these bonus modules will help you take your blog from 5 figures per year, to 6 figures per year, to eventually, 7 figures per year.
  • VIP Insider Access – When you buy Blog Money Blueprint today, you’ll get access to our inner circle of bloggers. Here you can ask us questions, get our advice, and bounce ideas off of us. They say your network is your net worth, so why not join a group of like-minded bloggers to help you succeed?
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – I’m so confident that you’ll find success with this program, that if you buy it, implement all of the advice for at least 60 days, and don’t make any money, I’ll personally refund every last penny of your order. To date, I haven’t had to issue a SINGLE refund, because everyone starts making money within 60 days.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Just click here and read some of the testimonials that my customers are giving. There’s review after review, of people saying that this course either helped them START making money with a blog, or that it took their blog to the next level.

Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to comment down below—I do my best to respond to all comments on this blog within 24 hours. I hope you enjoyed the article, friend… and I’ll see you next time!

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4 months ago

Thank for providing

2 years ago

Hey Jon,
I’m thinking about purchasing your blog blueprint course. I’ve got a question tho.. since I’m from Germany and my native language is German.. in what language should I write my blog? Can you make the same numbers (at least 3K-5K a month) by writing the blog in german?

2 years ago

Hi Jon, i stumbled into your blog via lifemathmoney. It is an amazing website. Am sticking around for now. Ratraceishell

Riyaaz Basha
2 years ago

Wow, interesting article, I enjoyed each and every word of this article. Cheers.

3 years ago

Great article bro ????????

3 years ago

Amazing article my man! I just graduated college a couple weeks ago and I would much rather live life on my own tens and start my own blog rather than working a stupid 9-5. Thanks for the inspiration


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