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How To Be An Asshole That Women Want

Ah, how to be an asshole. Many newcomers to the seduction niche ask themselves this question every day.

Funny enough, some women do really like assholes. Sometimes they even like guys who are complete degenerates.

In my experience though, it isn’t necessarily assholes that women like. It’s “strong men” who can sometimes act like assholes.

…and that’s the key difference here. It’s not enough to just be an asshole all the time. You have to learn how to be an asshole in the right way. So here’s how.

How To Be An Asshole

Tell me if this has ever happened to you…

You’ve got a crush on some girl. For whatever reason you just can’t stop thinking about her. Every day, your mind is plagued with thoughts of this girl.

Then, in a move that takes you completely off guard, she goes and fucks some asshole. Sound familiar?

Yeah, that’s because it’s happened to pretty much all of us at some point. We all get our hearts broken at least once in life (or more, if you’re really living).

The thing to realize though, is that 90% of women don’t even want assholes. In other words, they’re not attracted to assholes, because they’re assholes. They’re attracted to assholes, because they have alpha male characteristics.

Understand this, and the world of pussy will be yours. You don’t have to learn how to be an asshole. You just have to learn how to be your specific kind of asshole.

What Women Want

how to be an asshole women want

Women want a man who is a leader. They want a man who’s decisive, confident, and has firm boundaries. In other words, they want an alpha male.

What they DON’T want, is a man who’s a spineless coward, who can’t stand up for himself. Women want to feel safe with a man; they want to feel that he can protect her.

…and if he’s constantly agreeing with others and being nice just to fit in, they won’t feel safe around him. Being agreeable is a female characteristic. Being an asshole is a male characteristic.

That doesn’t mean to be an asshole all the time, but it means you should develop some asshole characteristics:

  • Willingness to disagree
  • Firm boundaries
  • Godlike frame control (to pass her shit tests)
  • Absolute fearlessness
  • Unshakable confidence

Beta males share none of these characteristics, which is why they hardly ever get girls. Alpha males, though? They have ALL of these characteristics. Once you truly develop the emotions of an alpha male, you will begin to understand.

Assholes vs. Alpha Males

how to be an asshole to women

Like I said, what women want isn’t necessarily an asshole—it’s an alpha male. Believe me, there’s a difference. They often overlap, but there’s still a very distinct difference between the two.

Alpha males are kind to others who are kind to them. Assholes are not. If you’re kind to an alpha male, he’ll remember, and stick up for you down the road. If you’re nice to an asshole, he’ll just keep demanding more and more. He’ll use you for all you’re worth.

Both alpha males and assholes have firm boundaries. They know what they want from other people, and what they will not tolerate. They both have courage, they both have confidence, and they both have the motivation and drive to succeed.

The difference though, is that nobody likes an asshole. Everybody likes an alpha male. With an alpha male, you feel safe. You feel like they’ve got your back. You feel comfortable letting them lead you, because you trust their intentions and guidance.

With an asshole, though? Nobody wants an asshole to lead them. They’ll just do whatever’s best for themselves, with no concern for others. Are you starting to get the difference now?

Be An Alpha Male

how to be an asshole wolverine

If you had to choose between being an asshole or an alpha male, which would you take? If you’re smart, you’d choose to be an alpha male. So don’t learn how to be an asshole. Learn how to be an alpha male.

Assholes may get what they want out of life, but alpha males get more. Nobody likes an asshole, and people remember—believe me, they remember. In fact, you probably remember whoever bullied you in middle school (if you were bullied). That’s how much people hate and remember assholes.

Alpha males, though? Everyone loves an alpha male. They feel inspired by their courage, boldness, and vision. Alpha males advance to the top of the social hierarchy, and by the laws of female hypergamy, they end up getting all the girls.

Assholes? They might get far, but they’ll eventually come tumbling down once everyone discovers what they are. Assholes can make a lot of money, by stepping on a lot of heads, but they hardly ever make it past the seven figure mark (unless they’re in an extremely corrupt hierarchy).

The reason why is because people hate assholes, but love alpha males. Getting to the top requires social capital, and assholes have none, because nobody likes them.

You don’t want to learn how to be an asshole. You want to learn how to be an alpha male, on his purpose, obsessed with winning.

Don’t Take Shit

how to be an asshole connor mcgregor

Alpha males don’t take shit from anyone. It doesn’t matter who they are. If they’re rude to you, or to the people that you love, you speak up. If they physically confront you, then you physically confront them back with ten times the force.

Don’t ever start fights, but don’t ever back down if it comes down to fighting. Only assholes start fights. Alpha males wait for others to start the fights, and then they come in and fucking clean up.

Alpha males aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in—even if it’s unpopular. Alpha males know how to be a fucking cleaner.

They don’t ask questions, they don’t talk shit, and they don’t whine or complain. They literally just get shit done, and let their results be their voice.

All alpha males, understand the importance of having a strong emotional and physical presence. When an alpha male walks into a room, people can feel his energy dominate the entire space. You know what I’m talking about, right? When someone just walks into the room and it’s all eyes on them.

They also have firm boundaries, and immediately cut toxic people out of their lives. Remember, they don’t do it out of bitterness or anger. They just do it because they’re focused on their path.

Think of your purpose like it’s a race car. You’re barreling down the road at breakneck speeds, hurtling towards your purpose. Then, suddenly, a vulture flies down onto your car and tries to land on it. What’s going to happen?

It’s going to be blown away. Anything that isn’t 100% aerodynamic (in line with your purpose) just doesn’t stick. It can’t. You’re too focused, and going too fast. Any bullshit is aggressively stomped out or just ignored, until it goes away.

Be Bold

how to be an asshole for women

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “History is like a woman. She favors the bold.” It’s no coincidence that women favor men who act in the face of danger.

Women are evolutionarily programmed to crave alpha males, because any who didn’t would have been killed off thousands of years ago. Today, we live in a world of luxury and safety, but our bodies haven’t caught up yet. To them, we’re still living in the jungle.

Women want a man who is bold. They want a man who could protect them if necessary, and who has fucking BALLS. I look around today, and we’re surrounded by low-test cucks who have nothing better to do, except complain and whine about their sorry ass lives.

That doesn’t attract women. Do you know what does? Being a fucking winner. So go out there and be bold. Spit in the face of destiny, and create your own future. Do what you want to do and be who you want to be, because believe me, before you know it, your time on this earth will be up.

Take It All

how to be a rich asshole

Alpha males take it all, and give back to others. I’m only 23 years old, but do you know what I’m going to do when I have my first $100,000 month? I’m going to buy my parents a trip to first class resort in Hawaii. I love them, and they’ve been good to me—so I want them to have it.

Why do you think I work so hard? Because I want to take it all. I’m not satisfied with a mediocre life, where I’m earning a meager pittance.

I don’t WANT to be physically, financially, or emotionally mediocre. I want to inspire fucking awe wherever I go, and I want to take it all.

…and do you know what? By simply believing that something is possible, you can often make it a reality. This is the 4th Energetic Law of the Universe at play. If you think about something enough, envision it enough, FEEL it enough, and WANT it enough, then soon enough, you shall have it.

Alpha males take it all. They aren’t content with living a bullshit life, with a bullshit wife—they want to live a life of high impact. They want to be a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, a John F. Kennedy, or an Alexander the Great. Fuck mediocrity, it’s the opiate of the masses.

I want to fly to Brazil and learn Jiu Jitsu from the best. I want to meditate with the monks in Tibet, I want to seduce beautiful women in Spain, and I want to hike the Nepali coast.

I want to take it all, and by God I will either take it all or die trying. This is the alpha male mentality.

Be An Asshole (Sometimes)

how to be an asshole hot girl

Alpha males are never assholes just to be assholes. In fact, they’re usually quite nice—but if you arouse their anger, you’re fucked with a capital FUCKED.

Alpha males are never quick to judge and never quick to anger. In fact, more often than not, they’re forgiving. We all deserve a second chance, right? We all have bad days.

…but, an alpha male also knows when to be an asshole. For instance, I probably sound like an asshole writing this article, don’t I? Talking about how mediocrity is fucking disgusting, and about how women want winners, and not faggot little beta male losers. That’s pretty harsh isn’t it?

Yeah, it is. But do you know why I’m saying it? BECAUSE YOU NEED TO FUCKING HEAR IT.

I wish that somebody told me these things when I was a 16-year-old kid, because my life would’ve turned out differently. Sometimes boys don’t need to hear soft, fluffy truisms—they need to hear harsh fucking facts.

This is what I aim to do on this blog: to give you the harsh fucking truth. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it destroys you.

But if you can accept the red pill and come out the other side, you’ll be a better man for it. Always strive to be an alpha male, always live with your purpose in mind, and always remember these words.

Common Questions

how to be an asshole to get girls

Lots of guys don’t understand how to be an asshole that women want.

It’s just not taught to us anymore, especially from a young age.

So, I’ve compiled a list of common questions, to help you become the biggest asshole yet.

“How Do I Be An Asshole?”

By putting yourself first. Not in a selfish way, but understand you need to put yourself first to be happy.

If your desires and your needs aren’t being met, what the hell is the point?

Put your own needs and wants first, and this will increase your power in the world.

Then, this will allow you to be a better person for others.

It’s a paradox. The asshole is actually the guy who can help you the most.

“How Do I Be An Asshole to Women?”

The same way you be an asshole to anyone else. Put your own needs first.

With women, tease them. Flirt with them. Be a bit of a dick, sometimes (in a playful way).

Most girls don’t like genuine assholes (they prefer alpha males). There is a small subset of women that does like true assholes, however.

I recommend you stay away from this 10% of girls, because they’re psychotic, damaged, and will only cause trouble in your life.

Most girls, when they go for assholes, actually just want a man who is on his purpose.

“Why Do Women Like Assholes?”

Women like assholes, because they put themselves first.

Do you think that alpha males experience approach anxiety? Fuck no.

To alpha males, taking risks is just what they do. That’s what women like.

Beta males and cucks can’t be trusted though, because there is no “them.”

The “them” we speak of, is just a collective need for validation and approval.

Assholes, though? We can trust them. Because they are who they are, and they speak what they think.

This is why women love assholes. They’re reliable, strong, assertive, get what they want, and actually have integrity.

How to Be An Asshole: The Bottom Line

In summary, learning how to be an asshole is easy. Learning how to be an alpha male is hard. You can learn how to be an asshole in a matter of minutes. Just disagree with everything that everyone says, and say unnecessarily cruel things for no reason. That’s easy.

Learning how to be an alpha male is hard, though. It takes time. It requires you to focus on your purpose, discover who you are as a man, and conquer your inner and outer obstacles to emerge victorious. Like I said—guys want to learn how to be an asshole, but really, being an alpha male is what they want.

If you’re looking for the easiest and fastest way to become an alpha male, look no further than my “7 Strategies Program.” Within a matter of weeks, you will learn to bypass the bullshit, cut through the crap, and 10x your attractiveness to women by being an alpha male stud.

As always, let me know your thoughts down below. If you felt that this article resonated with you in particular, please leave a comment telling me your story, and what you gained from this. I hope that you guys enjoyed this asshole advice of the day, and all things considered, I look forward to hearing from you. Peace.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ Why Do Women Like Jerks?

Women love jerks and bad boys, because they're masculine and uncontrollable. Despite what women might say about wanting a nice guy, they're secretly all attracted to men who are focused on their purpose in life, and who don't put them first.

❓ Do Women Like Bad Boys?

Yes, as a matter of fact. Study after study has shown that women are attracted to men with a flair for the dangerous, risky, and even violent at times. It's a well known fact to evolutionary biologists that women are attracted to dangerous men, who can keep them safe.

❓ How Do I Stop Being A Nice Guy And Become An Asshole?

The best way to stop being a nice guy is to start reading Masculine Development (my blog), and start getting on your purpose as a man. Don't worry too much about what women think about you, and start setting your own goals and daily missions to conquer as a man in life.

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3 years ago

Pretty good stuff I see myself as an alpha pretty much so a lot of your stuff rings true in life. Don’t care much for the assholes though. They can burn n hell lol.

Glenn F
3 years ago

I thought the man is the star. Why even concern one self with passing the tests? By doing the techniques you put the female on the pedestal.


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