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55+ Signs A Girl Likes You – The Ultimate List (2024)

pretty brunette signs she's interested and likes you

It was a Tuesday evening, I saw her, brunette hair, and light blue eyes. She flipped her hair, tried to get my attention. About a week prior, I showed her a picture of my girlfriend. She said, “She has cute bangs.”

I remember demonstrating a strong presence that I have boundaries with people who disrespect me, and I don’t take any shit. Then I saw it.

She was so damn attracted that she showed dilated pupils (which I’ll cover later) and clearly, she wanted my number. She was married. Often, I noticed her legs crossed and feet pointed towards me.

This is to communicate some of the sign’s women will show you when they are attracted. They don’t care.

If her husband isn’t giving her the right amount of attention, it doesn’t matter. This is how to tell if a girl likes you. They will show you attraction signs. Today, I am going to give you a list of 50 signs women want you.

Are there bonus signs? Stay tuned. And this field report is to show you that even married women can and will get attracted, given the right vibe, the right mentality, the right man…

How to Tell A Girl is Interested in You…

signs she likes you

It’s over. Because I had a girlfriend, I didn’t follow through. Why? Alice her name. Alice was highly unhappy in her marriage. Female hypergamy at its finest. This is to show you the power of demonstrating preselection and boundaries.

She expressed mutual interest in me. It all started out with the hair flipping. That is one of the most apparent signs a girl likes you.

Did I mention that she didn’t care that I had a girlfriend? This right here is why you must realize that women can and will show interest in unavailable men. Women absolutely love unavailable men.

Always remember that girls want to know that you aren’t easy. Remember your worth as well to not over-compliment girls as that is unattractive. It’s time that you show women you know you’re worth and you know better than to put her above you.

So, let’s get to it, shall we? You must know about every sign under the sun. In this article, I’m starting out with the general signs. You’ll find that these are single most common signs that you’ll see when a girl likes you my friend…

Most Common Signs That a Girl Likes You

girl and guy on wine date

She laughs at your jokes, even if they’re not that funny.

When someone laughs at a joke often, it means the woman has tried to communicate her interest in you to develop a positive, fun connection. She’s attracted and you are ‘winning’ my friend. Being playful and lighthearted is always a good thing.

She Smiles And Laughs A Lot Around You.

Except when you’re standing-up comedians she laughs a lot and smiles because she is unflinching in liking you. You make humor and small jokes for her.

You want girls feeling good around you. Women want to feel good. They are drawn to positive emotional stimulus.

She initiates conversations with you.

Often the woman will seek a conversation opportunity with you because she is fascinated by you and wants a better understanding of what makes you so special. Women want to know more about you. This is why she will initiate conversations.

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She actively listens and maintains eye contact during conversations.

Active attention is evidence to girls that your words interest them. These engagements show how much she values your opinions and wants to establish an authentic friendship with you. But you can friend zone her before she does it. Very powerful!

She mirrors your body language.

Mirroring is an unconscious action that occurs when people communicate with another person. Often women will say the same things you say to get in to deep rapport with you. This is a very underrated attraction sign, but a good one to look for.

She seems interested in the things you like.

When you attract girls, they are really interested in what you like. She likes you and wants to talk to you. In my mind one of the most obvious attraction signs a girl likes you. Any time you notice this sign, make sure you show interest back.

She opens up about herself.

If women are opening up about their own personal life experience to reveal more about themselves, this indicates they like you more. They genuinely want to know more about you. This also is a good sign that she is in her feminine energy.

She tries to impress you with her knowledge or accomplishments.

Often the attractive woman will try to impress you with a particular field and show that she knows a specific thing about it.

In human psychology, we call this cognitive dissonance. Anytime a woman tries to impress you, this is attractive conversations well done.

Remember that when women tries to impress a man, she wants his approval. That is when you know you are doing something right. Let’s move on to the next sign.

She responds positively to your flirting.

If you notice she is feminine and you are the source of varying good emotions, then women will respond well to your flirtatious comments. She may even ask you personal details about your sexy self. That is spectacular, keep winning brother!

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She gives you her undivided attention.

It is normally easy to tell if you have an interest or not within 5 minutes of meeting. When a woman really cares about you, she’ll focus on you closely.

There’s genuine interest that women will give you. They want to know that you can read her attraction signs correctly.

That you are socially savvy. That you won’t be weird. Let’s get to the signs that a girl is genuinely interested in you…

Signs She’s Genuinely Interested in You

girl and guy flirting at bar

Gives you a genuine smile.

This one is similar to giving you undivided attention. An interested girl will be genuinely interested in you. Women don’t give men attention they don’t like. But when they like you, it’s genuine.

It cannot be faked. They can try to fake it, mark my words, they are good at faking a smile. Don’t be sold. You gotta lower their defenses slowly.

She seems interested in the things you like.

If a woman really likes you, then they are looking for any other way to be around you or interested in the things you like. Always look out for this one as this attraction sign can and will be the most obvious one. Girls like guys they find interesting.

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Incidental body bump.

A story on this sign, a girl I met through online dating, she bumped in to me at the mall. Other women saw it and the preselection was on.

Never forget women can spot an in-demand guy easily. If she playfully bumps in to you, she wants you to bump her back, but be PLAYFUL about it.

Makes her relationship status open.

That married woman from the story, she would come to work without her wedding ring. I noticed this. This is an example of making her relationship status open. Often when I saw her doing this, I said, “What happened to your wedding ring?” She said, “I don’t feel like wearing it today.”

Playful teasing.

A woman likes men that can be playful. So she will playfully tease you. She wants you to be playful back. “Turn the other way and go over there, away from me.” This is an example of a playful tease.

Obviously, this is all about HOW you say it. Never sound rude behind the line delivery. Women focus on the underlying tone that you have.

When you tease women, make sure you clue her in that you are being sarcastic. Often, men can make the mistake of being overbearing and then women don’t know you’re being sarcastic. Just work on your line delivery behind the teases.

Prolonged eye contact

This one is extremely subtle sign that she’s interested. Women often will look at men for a long period of time that interest them.

When girls spend time with you, they will often naturally have prolonged eye contact. Always look out for this one as women do this because they want you to see them!

She’s nervous around you.

Quick story, I talked to someone by the name of Hannah. I heard her laugh nervously. The previous conversations we’ve had led to deep rapport and sharing stories. Often, girls get nervous around high value guys.

If this happens with you, just know that when girls are nervous, they definitely like you. However, always be sure they aren’t TOO nervous that they feel their safety threatened. All about calibration.

Staring at you is one of the most obvious signs that a girl likes you.

Similar to prolonged eye contact, this one is more common in nightclubs. They will look at you from a distance and watch you chatting it up with friends. It’s more like she clearly wants to be seen and noticed by you.

If you are staging confidence, then women will stare. Staging just means you are showing your legendary charisma around other people.

Attentive eye contact.

A story on this one girl who I met at the gym. I closed her on a hangout to go to a haunted house. She gave me attentive eye contact.

It’s like she pays close attention to you. Attentive eye contact is exactly that. Their eye contact communicates more than what they say. Never forget that.

She is genuinely interested by asking you frequent questions.

If she’s single, she will ask you frequent questions. And believe me, it’s obvious. It’s the way they ask the question that shows genuine interest. She’ll ask follow up questions. She will talk more than you. Notice her speech patterns, women will be interested in men that want to know more about.

Always be socially savvy my friends. Women pay attention to how you converse with other women. This is called social proof. The better you communicate with other women, the higher your chances are of getting girls attracted to you fast!

Physical Signs and Body Language Signs

Acts girly and cute.

This one is super cute and I want to be clear with you… Women will naturally go in to their feminine energy when they see a man that embodies masculinity. One of the biggest signs a girl likes you. Always look out for this one no matter what!

Dilated pupils.

Very similar to attentive eye contact and one of the most subtle signs that a girl likes you. It’s like deer-in-the-headlights. You must look closely for dilated pupils but don’t be weird about it. Just notice how people’s eyes expand when they see something interesting.

Open body language cues.

Look for nonverbal cues. For example, her feet point towards you. Make sure they aren’t pointed away from you. These are known as the honest signals. Body language never lies. Girls can lie themselves, but body language never lies. It is a universal language that everyone must know about.

Smiles at you frequently.

If a girl likes you, she will smile often. It means you’re “Winning” my friend. I remember all the times a woman smiled at me, I’d approach them and give them charisma. Brighten up a woman’s day. Make her feel good. Then she will smile at you more!

Complimenting your outfit and says, “That looks cute on you.”

I remember ordering a protein shake a few days ago. She commented on my leather jacket. She said, “that looks cute on you.” She was older than me, yet she wasn’t afraid to express interest. This is what women will do with you when they like you. I’d say if they compliment you, don’t boomerang and compliment back. Just respond.. “Thanks.”

She approaches you first and initiates’ touch.

To be clear, in some cultures, this is how people greet each other so don’t misinterpret this as genuine interest unless she is more flirty with you. Look for how she talks to you. Some women initiates physical contact before men, this depends on the nature of the relationship. What I’m saying here is don’t misinterpret this one if it’s just a greeting. Look for how much she initiates touch.

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Demonstrate positive emotions around you.

Positive emotional investment is very powerful. She smiles and laughs a lot around you is an example of positive emotions. Always lookout for this one. Women want to have fun. The song comes to mind.. “Girls just want to have fun.” May sound cheesy, but it’s true.

She’s sitting near you and looks at you a lot.

If she is actively listens and looks at you a lot during conversations, this is a very clear sign of interest that she wants to know more about you. Don’t ignore this one. Women show clear interest around guys they find intriguing.

Nonverbal sign she’s interested is the upside-down triangle.

Watch any soap opera television show and you can see how this looks. Here’s what the upside triangle is… She looks from your right eye to your left eye, down to the lips.

Let’s get to the more steamier signs that a girl like you my brother!

Sexual Signs She Likes You 

Strong eye contact with a glow in her eyes is a subtle sign she’s interested.

A story on this one. This woman named Mandy, she acted girly, not to mention highly feminine. And I saw the glow in her eye contact. Did I mention she bent over? That is another sign of interest. A woman fully in her feminine has that glow in her eyes.

Always screen for women that have that glow. This is a sign in my opinion is the most beautiful sign a woman is ready to be swept off her feet. So always look for this one!

When you lean in, she’s attracted and likes it.

Calibrate this accordingly, because a lot of guys do this way too fast. Two steps forward, one step back. Women are like cats in the way they like attention. Write that down.

For example, lean in, touch her knee, and then takeaway attention. Look away is what I mean. Don’t go from 0 to 100 as this is a common mistake all guys make.

She looks at your fine smelling self and calls you, ‘Charming.’

“Don’t charm me with those eye’s. I can’t get involved with girls like you.” Slick, clever move to get her to call you charming. Test that one out and you’ll see exactly what I mean! The point behind this one is you always want to have a genuine vibe to your presence. This increases the charm effect.

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She goes into her feminine energy around you.

Essentially she trusts you. She’s comfortable around you. Feminine energy is sexy. A girl interested in you will naturally be feminine around you. I encourage you to always screen for girls that go in to their feminine energy around you.

She qualifies herself sexually to you.

“I can give amazing head.” This is an example of sexual qualification. However, some women can be more subtle about it. For example, “I love kissing, it turns me on.” Women are sensual creatures. Sometimes it makes them nervous to be too forward with men as they never want to be slut-shamed. Be mindful of that.

Tries to make herself seen to you in front of other girls.

She’ll use her body language in a very subtle way to get your attention. It’s very subtle, but you must pick up on this. An example of this is she shows expansive body language around you and not around other guys.

She leans in close to you and looks at your lips.

Do you notice these are sexual signs a girl wants you? They will look at your lips, that means she wants you to kiss her. Go for the kiss my friend, or you can challenge her to a staring contest which will increase the tension even more.

She is comfortable talking about sex with you.

If she’s attracted and also comfortable with you, women will talk about sex with you. That means she’s free, she’s ready to get it on. Remember to spend time with her before you sleep together. Be calibrated on how you seal the deal with women.

Touch her when she’s laughing, then look away from her. Remember that you leave space for her to chase you for sex. ;-))

Gets physically close to you and her eyes signal, “I want you.”

If a girl likes you, and she wants you, a very subtle way women communicate is they don’t say it. They communicate it with their eyes. Women are more subtle with their intentions.

Some girls will vocalize their intentions. Others that are more feminine will not. I encourage you to screen for this nonverbal signal as girls want you to see this.

Tries to get your attention when you ignore her.

You can see a pattern here, right? You can tell when a girl is interested. Women value male attention. Let’s say for instance, you are at a friend’s birthday party, and you see that girl who is hovering around with no purpose. Assume attraction my friend. Don’t assume she’s just a friend. Especially if she tries to get your attention.

There are different types of signs women will give you and not just sexual signs. A lot of girls don’t show that side of themselves. Society teaches them to hide that part of themselves. However, it’s good to know how all attraction signs under the sun. So let’s get down to the social signs a girl likes you:

Social Signs That a Girl Like You

Maintaining eye contact during conversation.

If her female friends are with her, it doesn’t matter. Women will maintain eye contact to show their interest and they will want to spend time with you. If she pays attention to you, that’s spectacular. Assume it’s on. Always assume attraction Act as if you are going to get her number. Then it might actually happen for you.

She seems highly motivated to seek you out and spend time with you.

When we have a sexual interest in something it is often very difficult to resist. That applies to women. It’s quite possible that she’ll have done that once or twice before. Women will not find you accidentally. They avoid men they do not want.

She throws you mixed signals.

Women often bait men to chase. They are good with mixed signals. In fact, this may signal happiness for her if you give her attention after she gives you mixed signals. So instead, show mixed signals back instead of falling for it. “You and I might not get along, but you don’t seem THAT boring.” That is a great push pull line to say to girls.

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She’s interested in your dating life and asks about your female friends

David Buss spent a great deal of time discussing it with his book Evolution of Desire: Strategy of a human mating. Since women’s sex behaviors are more costly and dangerous, they have adapted to minimize their costs by searching for friends with great resources and risk reduction. The first step is to ask your female friend to find out about your relationships with women. Why do women do this? They want to know you are high value, it’s that simple.

She’s paying attention to you and never ignores you.

If you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you, this one is the number one sign that she wants you. Even if she’s busy, she will make herself available. They don’t like being ignored. That’s true for most human beings. Women will always pay attention to men that they are interested in. They won’t ignore your messages either. If she does ignore your messages, you didn’t get her attracted enough.

She gives you a shit test.

Even if her friends treat you well, even if you seem to be the total package, girls will always shit test you. Girls test guys frequently. Don’t get mad, get excited. It means she likes you. It means she wants to see you are charismatic and can reframe it effortlessly. If she says, “Do you say that line to all the girls?” Respond with this my friend, “Absolutely. I said it to every girl here.”

She asks if you have a romantic relationship currently.

Girls ask for small details on your love life. Be prepared for them to ask. This is a clear sign she is attracted to you and likes you. The reason women ask about your current relationship status is simple, they want to know if you are single.

Willing to express vulnerabilities and have deep conversations.

Some girls finds excuses to talk with you about deep conversations. They will want to talk to you more. They will be willing to share embarrassing stories with you. They want you to know that you will still accept them. Huge tip here, don’t judge girls so quickly if they reveal dirty details about their past. They get insecure easily.

Wants to get to know you for a deeper relationship by asking deep questions.

This is called deep rapport. Women want to know that you can have a real heart to heart conversation with her. And this will get them to fall for you very fast if you do this correctly and you don’t get too vulnerable too soon. All guys do this wrong and end up in the friend zone. Never puke your feelings. Sprinkle in vulnerabilities about what made you in to a self-made man. Qualify her before you share that information.

She get’s jealous easily when other girls want you

If she expresses romantic interest, then you know it’s on. If she also gets mad that you are talking to other women, then that is an obvious attraction sign that a girl like you. Even though a lot of guys tend to focus on body language signs a girl like you, it’s important to know the social signs. Especially if you notice she posts consistent social media posts about you, it’s on my handsome friend.

Throughout this article, I’ve given you body language signs and eye contact signs she’s attracted. Listen carefully, not all girls will give you all the signs in this article. Sometimes she’s shy and she’s highly feminine, they want you to take the lead role. Be a man, women love masculinity and assertiveness.

These girls will not initiate conversations and they want you to initiate. The more you spend time with them, the likelihood they will give you the green light. You’re winning my friends. Let’s keep going, I’m overdelivering:

Biggest Signs That a Girl Likes You

She plays with her hair frequently.

A very good sign women are attracted to you. Depends on how she plays with her hair around you. But for the most part, this is how feminine women act when they are interested. A lot of guys can misinterpret attraction signs easily. This one is easily misinterpreted as this really only applies if she tries to get your attention, for example, in the story in the beginning of this article.

She gets highly energized around you.

This one is a funny one. However, a quick story to communicate this. One of my previous partners acted goofy and very off-the-wall. The reason? Girls get energized when they are around guys that excite them. They act like a fucking spaz. They turn in to a weirdo. I’d often call them “weird.” Be careful how you deliver it as they can take this comment as a strong disqualification. All in your voice tonality my friend.

She asks, “what are you doing this weekend?”

I got a massage once, and this massage therapist asked me what I’m doing this weekend. I told her, “I’m seeing someone.” Might seem harsh, but believe it or not, when you are unafraid to reject women, it actually turns them on. It shows non-neediness. But more importantly, if women ask personal questions, this is a good sign. I want to make myself clear, this right here is an excellent way to see if girls want you to seal the deal. Be quick brothers and strike when the iron is hot.

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She enhances her attractive qualities purposely to get you to notice.

Women do this consistently when they are around guys that they really want to chase. Women do this when they genuinely want the guy to go after her. They will put on make-up, get themselves dressed up and even show men that they want to be seen. A very obvious attraction sign girls will often do. Just recently, this front desk gym chick dressed up with a ton of make-up, then she would go in the mens bathroom without even putting the yellow tape, “Closed” on it!

Her excitement gets extremely obvious.

Anytime girl that gets physically close, and their excitement gets crazy, it’s time that you grab your balls and show them your interest back. But also it’s even better if you say, “Let’s go meditate together.” She might ask, “Why?” Just respond with, “You just seem like a spaz.” Funny cold reading. Good shit.

Expresses genuine interest to you.

Some girls just express genuine intent and interest and it’s very clear they want your attention. Don’t ignore her here, there’s a time where ignoring can work, but if she expresses genuine interest, it’s obvious that she wants to get to know you. Any girl that wants to get to know you wants that reciprocation.

Leans into your personal space and doesn’t shy away from physical touch.

If she responds positively to physical contact. Ask her personal questions, ask her when she’s open, and have a casual get together. Sometimes giving her physical distance after she leans into your personal space is powerful to get her interested. I’m telling you, this is a huge tip to increasing sexual interest.

She explains herself to you consistently.

Anytime a girl asks you consistent questions, she acts excited, she explains herself, you’d be wise to escalate with her. Always look out for if a woman is qualifying herself to you. This is very fucking important if you want a woman to kiss you. Get her feeling feminine and give her the best kiss ever. Girls want the hottest kiss. Never forget that.

Behaves low value around you, meaning she is off her composure.

Quick story, that chick Alice from earlier, she saw me staging confidence with her coworker as we crack jokes, I saw crossed arms. This is a clear sign of jealousy. In case you didn’t know, this is how women will express desire for approval. It’s always fun to see her friends’ reactions to how jealous they get. Women get competitive for male attention.

Acts differently around you compared to everyone else.

We are at sixty signs a girl likes you. Ultimately, what matters most is having good chemistry. Have relaxed posture and body language when you notice she wants to kiss you.

The Bottom Line

If you want healthy relationships with girls, or even just one girl as a girlfriend, I encourage you to go through every sign in this article. Come back to it frequently. Because I notice some guys are oblivious to attraction signs. If a girl likes you, it’s clear that she wants to move the conversation forward. I want to tell you one more story of a sign to look for if a girl is sexually interested…

I saw her, she walked over, and she put her foot next to mine. And then she said this, “Your shoe size is much bigger than mine.” Looked at me with dilated pupils. If a girl likes you, she will often compare herself to you.

If a girl likes you, she will see you higher on the pecking order. More importantly, if a girl likes you, she will make it easy for you. It’s obvious, isn’t it? If a girl likes you, it’s time to show her that you’ve been paying attention to her. Communicate clarity of intent my handsome friend.

Always look for these signs that women want you. Act as if it’s on. Assume attraction as I have hinted at throughout this article. Don’t have lingering vibe if she started throwing you mixed signals. It’s just a test. Be unaffected by it. Don’t react.

More importantly, it’s time you start showing women that you are interested in them. There’s a reason why women value male attention. When you give them attention and they see you are higher status, they get turned on easily.

It’s time that you start screening correctly. Screening defined is you positioning yourself as a fucking pimp. You see these signs a girl really likes you and you know what’s up. It’s time you act like the handsome motherfucker you are. The more you are fully convinced that all women are in to you, even if they reject you, the better off you’ll be. You can even test their attraction…

If she throws in her skepticism of you by giving you a shit test, let’s say she tries to get you to buy her a drink, just say, “Damn, so soon? I honestly was waiting for you to buy me a drink.” This is what positions you as a pimp. You know what you’re doing.

You’ve been with women like her. You know about the requests women ask. You effortlessly flip the frame and get her to buy you a drink. That’s how to pass tests expertly. Go be a pimp my friends. Even though women say they don’t like player’s, deep down, they kinda like it.

All of these signs a girl likes you can and will give you everything you need to know when you go out and practice socializing with girls. They love it when men know what they are doing. They love it when men are comfortable in their own skin. They love it when they can get validated by a handsome Alpha like you. ;-))

Don’t make her feel unnoticed. You want her feeling feminine. Emotional investment is key. Get her qualifying herself to you. More importantly, get her to communicate openly. Combine that with screening for subtle signs she likes you throughout this article, you are in my friend. If you found this article helpful, feel comfortable to leave comments down below and let me know how you will start screening for interest signs.

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