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Female Psychology Secrets: Understanding What Women Want

female psychology understanding women

Many men want to understand female psychology. It isn’t very hard to see why.

To most men, women are mysterious creatures. Their behaviors are erratic, and no matter how hard the average man seems to try, he just can’t figure them out.

The truth is, however, that once you understand a few core tenets of female psychology, women become easier than ever to understand.

So, with that in mind, let’s crack into it.


Understanding Women

I remember being in middle school and wondering why women were so crazy.

They seemed to want one thing, and then they went for another. What gives?

Every woman says that she wants a nice guy, but then always ends up actually going for the asshole.

Why is this? Well, when you understand female psychology, you will understand why.

…but first, you need to get something through your head. DO NOT TRUST WOMEN WHEN IT COMES TO WOMEN.

I repeat: do not trust women when it comes to women. Few people are self-aware enough to actually know what they want.

Admittedly, some women are EXTREMELY self-aware. They are the exception, though.

When it comes to understanding women, you must not listen to what they say, but observe what they do.


Female Psychology 101

understanding women

Every person has a “logical” side and an “emotional” side.

In men, the logical side is typically more dominant; in women, the emotional side.

This is why men often seem “stupid” to women, and why women seem “crazy” to men.

They’re talking on two different tracks.

Women use covert communication (such as body language indicators of interest), and men use OVERT communication.

This is where much of the confusion comes from. She’s communicating feelings, and he’s communicating facts.

Fundamentally, this is because women evolved to be more social creatures than men. There’s a good book you can read on this called The Female Brain by Dr. Louann Brizendine.

95% of miscommunications can be avoided when you understand this simple fact: women care about feelings, men care about facts.

Obviously there’s exceptions, but this tends to be the rule.


What Women Want

how to understand women

So then, with this in mind, let’s dive deeper into female psychology.

Most men want to understand female psychology, so that they can attract beautiful women. I mean, who doesn’t want that?

…but, alas, most men don’t get the dating lives of their dreams. Why is this? Because they don’t understand female psychology.

One of the biggest tenets of female psychology, when it comes to seduction, is the idea of hypergamy.

Hypergamy is the idea that women “marry up” and will fight tooth and nail to secure the highest value man they possibly can.

Evolutionary biology, as well as my own experience, confirms this as true.

Therefore, in order to get the dating life that you want, you must learn to use female hypergamy to your advantage.

Rather than getting bitter, just accept the truth.

Women are attracted to confident, badass rock stars, just as you’re attracted to a pretty face and a nice pair of tits.

Sound controversial to you? Grow up. It’s just a fact.


The Psychology of Attraction

psychology of attraction

Many men don’t understand why women have to be so complicated.

“I just want her to be honest with me!” they say. Funny enough, she’s more honest than you think.

Women are honest with their actions, more so than with their words. Her actions never lie.

This is often why men get confused. They see a girl say one thing, but then do another thing. She’s sending you mixed signals.

Women want a man who is confident, and who embodies “alpha male energy.” But how does she know if that’s you?

She tests you, plain and simple. If you pass, she will reward you with all of her love. If you don’t? She will lose all attraction for you.

While this may sound harsh, it’s the bitter truth. Women are constantly testing men to see what they’re made of.

Why is this? Again, let us refer to female psychology.

Women are attracted to confidence, purpose, and direction in a man. But many men will fake it until they make it.

That’s where a shit test comes in. She will say something or do something to see how you react; to see if you’re congruent.

Women can’t just ASK if you’re truly a confident, dominant man… they have to see it with their own eyes.


Women Are Simple

Attracting women is really simple when you think about it.

Be confident in who you are. Own yourself totally, and demonstrate high self-esteem.

Lead her when she wants to be led. Don’t be a chump, and don’t be a dummy.

Tune into what she’s thinking, feeling, and experiencing. This is called empathy, social skills, or “game” for lack of a better term.

Don’t buy into her frame—own your own frame. You are your own man, and you dictate your terms in life.

Have a strong sense of purpose, so that you’re not blown about by the winds in life. Your purpose must come first.

If you do these things, women will be attracted to you more than you could ever imagine.

Of course, it will take time. It will be hard. You will encounter rejection after rejection.

…but nothing worth having ever came easy.

In two years, you can either be another chode, or you can be a rockstar, killing it at life.

Which do you choose?

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2 years ago

I met a girl at the university, she was the initiative, so she talked to me and then we exchanged some basic information (place of increase, study…).
What I noticed in that girl is that she’s nice. But don’t study with me at the same edi. We rarely meet at university, the first to say hello to me, but I respond quickly and well with joy.
But the problem does not show me clearly and in words that she feels the feelings I feel about her I am afraid to pass on to her and it will be a problem!
What should I do? I want steps please!

2 years ago

So, if a women tells you she is not looking for a relationship whenever u ask about it BUT she is always texting you first and she texts you a lot, does that means she actually is interested?


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